Crossroad is a technology app that allows astute property owners (Funds, Banks, Corporates, State Entities) to manage and track tasks related to their assets for facility management, legal, sales, technical activities.

Manage assets more efficiently, consolidate, track and easily share key information

Increase assets under management with operational leverage

Demonstrate to all stakeholders innovation and technological drive

A New Digital Paradigm for Property Management

Screenshot of the Crossroads dashboard

All your work in one place

  • Get real time updates from partners
  • Set and monitor task deadlines
  • Improve collaboration and remote working
  • Automate repetitive tasks
Screenshot of the Crossroads dashboard

Facility Management

Managed with Crossroad
  • Quickly generate a task by selecting it from the task library and assign it to a facility manager.
  • Allow task stakeholders (internal and external) to interact on task board.
  • Set target dates and log facility manager performance.

Asset Acquisition and Closing

Managed with Crossroad
  • Set an asset acquisition or sale as a project to include all related tasks.
  • Easily share relevant documents with the various stakeholders.
  • Manage facility managers, brokers, legal on set deadlines to accomplish sale on target date.

Large Projects

Managed with Crossroad
  • Group all necessary tasks to be performed on multiple assets under a project.
  • Set default partners on each asset or project to create and assign hundreds of tasks with one click.
  • Track progress of tasks and identify bottlenecks.

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