With Crossroad you can manage your asset data, internal teams, external partners and projects, receive alerts, exchange messages, generate reports, share and file documents intuitively without lengthy implementation or training.

Crossroad is a technology app that allows astute property owners (Funds, Banks, Corporates, State Entities)
to manage large portfolios of assets and all related facility management, legal, sales or technical activities.

Manage assets more efficiently, consolidate, track and easily share key information.

Improve collaboration and working, receive real time updates and automate repetitive tasks.

Demonstrate to all stakeholders innovation and technological drive.

Crossroad Asset Management

Store and organise all your Asset data, documents and pictures. Add buildings, apartments or equipment to your database and save related sale & purchase, insurance or lease contracts. Log your expenses or capex with invoices and compare to your budget.

Assets database

Add all your team, internal/external service suppliers, tenants and senior managers or investors. Organise suppliers in Offices and give them roles: legal, facility manager, or sales. Add permissions on activities Users can perform and data they can access.

Manage collaboration

Save all your processes, along with guidelines, and checklists or add a series of processes as a workflow and save them in your library. Updated a process? Simply save in your library to ensure everyone follows it!

Task library

Exchange messages, log and easily access past conversations. Share non-confidential Asset data and documents automatically with Task assignees. Or share a confidential lease agreeement on a need-to-know basis with a click of a button!

Sharing & communication

Set target deadlines for your service suppliers and get notified when a Task gets updated. Ensure Task managers and assignees receive automated alerts when deadlines are missed. Monitor progress in colour-coded lists or timelines.

Manage deadlines

Summarize your data and activities in birds-eye view dashboards and create customised reports for senior managers and investors. Or dig into detailed screens, filter and search your data or export it in excel.

Dashboard & reports

Do it all with Crossroad

Facility management


Facility management
with Crossroad

  • Quickly generate a task by selecting it from the task library and assign it to a facility manager.
  • Allow task stakeholders (internal and external) to interact on a task board.
  • Set target dates and log facility manager performance.

Assets acquisition/sale


Assets acquisition/sale
with Crossroad

  • Pick the acquisition or sale workflow from your library and activate its tasks as the project progresses.
  • Easily share relevant documents with the various stakeholders.
  • Manage your team, brokers and lawyers on set deadlines to close the sale on the target date.

Large projects


Large projects
with Crossroad

  • Group all necessary tasks to be performed on multiple assets under one project.
  • Set default partners on each asset or project to create and assign hundreds of tasks with one click.
  • Receive real-time alerts to identify bottlenecks.

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