With Crossbid we can design and create your own branded website with our built-in CRM to upload your assets, manage client requests, outsource sale and lease activities to trusted partners, and expand your broker network. And if you run our Crossroad property management module you can manage your asset management activities and sales on one platform.

Crossbid is a technology app that allows efficient property owners (Funds, Banks, Corporates, State Entities) to showcase properties available for sale or lease, and to attract and manage interest from prospective clients.

Open a direct channel to your prospective buyers and tenants.

Enable an efficient, result-focused sale process. Never lose track of a potential lead.

Demonstrate to your market transparency and technological innovation.

Crossbid Website

Design with us a brand new custom website to showcase your properties. Let your prospective clients search your assets, view them on a map, take a 3D tour or watch a video and download floor plans and other documents. Attract buyers and tenants to register on your website and build your own customer database.

Branded website

Allow buyers or tenants to express interest, request a viewing or financing, or make an offer online. Send clients automated messages to guide them through your process and confirm you are handling their requests. Display a history of all their interactions in their private ‘My page’ area and keep them informed on the status of their requests.

Interact with clients online

Easily set up and run online auctions on an asset or a group of assets. Let the platform guide investors through your process and give them access to a simple-to-use and secure online bidding area. Or organise private, by invitation-only auctions, and select the highest bidder in a simple, efficient and fully transparent process.

Online auctions

Enable secure private communication with buyers or tenants to facilitate the closing process. Send them important documents and request them to confirm receipt or approval. Receive their documents online and store them automatically in your client database.

Close transactions

Crossbid CRM

Receive client requests real-time. Organise viewings, monitor and set the status of financing requests and offers, and log notes to share with your sales team. Focus on results by viewing summaries of all client interest on each asset in a specialised dashboard, so that no lead is ever missed.

Manage client interaction

View your registered users list and dive into any user page to view their information. Know instantly which properties they have been interested in, check past communication and the status of all their past and current activity on a single summary screen.

Know your clients

Generate and share reports on sales activities with a click of a button. Monitor the interest on each asset, share your sales/lease stats or view the performance of your brokers or sales team.


Outsource management of client requests to trusted partners, by enabling access on selected properties. They can view investor requests only on the properties you assign to them, contact clients and organise viewings.


Let’s Build an Effective Sales Channel

Platform & Process Design

We tailor the Crossbid website to our clients’ brand and preferences, with the aim of launching a truly customized platform, both in the design and its functionalities.

Sale Process & Documentation

We guide our clients to design a clear, focused and transparent customer journey to attract a loyal and expanding customer base.

Marketing & Public Relations

We have unparalleled experience in designing marketing and public relations strategies to launch direct sales and online auction programs in Europe.

Sales Training

We train sales teams, the brains behind running and controlling the sales process, on how to improve their effectiveness and leverage the Crossbid platform.

Results & Closing

Use our Crossbid app to manage the closing process with buyers or tenants swiftly and efficiently. View stats on investor interest by property type, location, sales manager or broker.

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